• Party Construction

    The Company’s Party Organization is focused on exerting "two roles" – as the political core and political leader. It also implements IRAETA party construction’s working principle of "Three connections, Three leadership and Three services". In "Three connections", the General Party branch members contact the Party branch, then party branch members contact the floating party members and each party member contacts 10-15 employees, respectively. They regularly exchange ideas, assist each other and guarantee an environment where party members are present whenever there are difficulties. Wherever party members are present, there are pioneering examples of overcoming hardships, and these are worth emulating.  

  • Labor Union

    IRAETA’s General Union shoulders the heavy responsibility to propel continuous development of the company’s labor unions and it has great expectations of its members. We will continue to fully implement work arrangements of the municipal and regional labor unions to unfailingly give top priority to safeguarding rights and interests of employees. We will strengthen construction of labor unions in our company and implement various activities to serve employees in a down-to-earth manner. The aim is to make IRAETA General Union approachable for employees, so it can serve them well and win their trust. 

  • Communist Youth League

    IRAETA’s Communist Youth League (CYL) is a public organization comprising of the company’s young pioneers. It shoulders historical responsibility of uniting and educating a vast number of young people in the company and creatively implementing the work of youth, based on the Company’s core tasks with the goal of talent training. In the new course of history, the CYL Committee will lead young members of the company to carry on past heritage and open up the future, so that the company's CYL work is promoted constantly and makes new leaps forward. 

  • Women's Committee

    IRAETA Women's Committee is a public organization under the leadership of the company’s Party Committee, and it is a bridge through which the Party Committee reaches out to women. Its basic function is to represent and safeguard women's rights throughout the company. It implements activities such as "promoting women’s health", "building a civilized five-virtue family" and "women's quality projects", and organizes training, exchanges, discussions and other activities to enhance women's accomplishments in theoretical approaches, knowledge and work skills, as well as promotes social ethics, professional ethics and family virtues.

  • NEWS

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