Revolution in Forging Technology

Even though the craft of forging goes back thousands of years in human history, technical innovation is still a great motivation within this old industry. From the connection flange on the 8MW giant offshore wind turbine to the innovative supporting ring in the fourth-generation nuclear power utility, we are inheritors of such technology. As a result, we are committed to facing severe engineering challenges with our global customers, and work on more refined technical improvements and cutting-edge technological innovation to forge a safe, green and intelligent industry in the future.

Innovation Motivated by Industry-University-Research Cooperation

We are deeply aware of the importance of scientific research and practical experience in the forging industry. Based on this, we have collaborated with the School of Materials Science and Engineering at Shandong University and the Shandong Jianzhu University for many years. In 2015, we co-founded the "Academician Li Yiyi Workstation" with the Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and extended our cooperation in fields of large forging technology, development of new steel grades and material preparation. The team led by academician Li Yiyi has made great contributions in the research of low-temperature and high-voltage, anti-hydrogen embrittlement super-alloy development, turbine blades of the Three Gorges Dam and nuclear power large pressure vessels. Academician Li Yiyi was conferred with Lifetime Achievement Award of Metallurgical Technology by Chinese Society for Metals. 

Research Honors, Achievements and Activities

Scientific research and development honors and activities 

National High-tech Enterprise 

Key Enterprise in National Torch Program Industrial Park

Shandong Academician Workstation

Shandong Engineering Laboratory

Shandong Technical Center

Second Prize at Science and Technology Awards for China'sMachinery Industry

The article PrecisionForming Technology and Equipment for Wind Turbine Ring Forgings wasselected in the National Torch Program.

The company participated in drafting the Ring-Type Forgings of Wind Turbine GeneratorSystem standards, of National Energy Administration.

The company participated in discussions and approval ofthe Flange for Steel Pipe Tower of TransmissionLine, by the State Grid Corporation of China. 

Partner Institutions: 

Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences

School of Materials Science and Engineering at ShandongUniversity

Shandong Jianzhu University

Shandong Technician Institute 

Some Leading Industry Case Studies :

British EA One project – 60 basic spacer flange sets forSiemens 7MW turbine (average value of 50J under -60 low-temperature impact) 

First batch of domestically-produced underwater valvesand valve bodies for CNOOC Wenchang 9-2/9-3/10-3 gas fields (partial) 

China Longyuan Power Group Jiangjiasha 300MW offshorewind power project (all 75 sets of ENVISION 4MW tower flanges for a singleproject) 

SGCC UHV Zhebei – Fuzhou 1000KV AC line project (nearly2000 tons of different hubbed flanges)

Some Invention and Utility Model Patents 

Door FrameTechnology for Wind Turbine Generator Towers (patent number: CN201588746U) 

Hubbed Flange Vertical Rolling Mill Mold (patent number: CN204953781U) 

Cold Quenchingand Tempering Treatment Technology for Yaw Drive in Giant Wind Turbine (patent number:CN105543465A) 

Manufacturing Processfor 5083 Aluminum Alloy High Voltage Switch Flange Used for UHV Power Transmission and Transformation (patent number: CN105761982A) 

No-distortion Quenching and Tempering Technology for Spindles in KW-Level Wind Turbine (patent number:CN105886737A) 

Heat Treatment Technology for Fine Grains in Large Forgings (patent number: CN106119469A) 

Bucket-Type BallInsertion Device (patent number: CN206155843U) 

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