Introduction to Pipe/Pylon Flange

The pipe flange is one of the earliest products of IRAETA. IRAETA possess 40 years of manufacturing experience and 20 years of export experience for pipe flanges. The product has passed classification society certification in eight countries, CE PED certification, Canada CRN certification, API, and Petrobras CRC certification. The different types of forging materials (forged parts) produced by IRAETA are highly valued by local and foreign customers. 

Our cable tower and pylon flanges are sold to many renowned enterprises such as the China State Grid and French POMA, which have widely applied our products in many domestic UHV electricity transmission lines, such as Ximeng-Shengli, Yuheng-Weifang and Ximeng-Shandong lines. 



Carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, nickel-base alloy steel, copper alloy, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy

Size Range

0.5 inch - 144 inches

Piece Weight Range

≤ 5000.00 kg

Heat Treatment

Normalizing, thermal refining, tempering, annealing, solution annealing, precipitation strengthening


Low-temperature impact test, high-temperature tensile test, metallography detection, hardness test, chemical element analysis, destructive and non-destructive testing.


Forging, ring rolling, heat treatment, machining, drilling, 5-axis machining center, precise CNC vertical & horizontal lathe, CNC drilling machine.



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