PD16 and PD2016 CNC Plane Drilling Machine

The machine can be used for connecting plate and baseplate drilling for industries like steel structure, iron tower, bridge and machinery processing. Equipped with a CNC sliding bench drilling head, the equipment can drill holes of specific depth according to needs, at the same time, it can provide functions of blind hole drilling, broaching and chamfering. The machine can automatically find the drilling position based on the X and Y axis. With 4 processing positions and 12 hydraulic tightening pliers, it can clamp four sets of workpieces at one time, and allows simultaneous loading/unloading of workpieces during drilling. 


Max. Processing Size (mm)


Max. Processing Thickness (mm)


Max. Borehole Diameter (mm)


Positioning Accuracy (mm)


Resetting Accuracy (mm)

≤0.05 /≤0.04//full length



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