Introduction of wind turbine forgings

Rich Manufacturing Experiences in the Industry

Wind turbine ring forging is an important part of the wind turbine system. We provide products such as tower connecting flanges, overall forged door frames, ring forgings for bearing gears and leaf blade flanges. IRAETA has rich manufacturing experience in this field. Our tower flanges are used in more than 1/3rd of wind turbines in the Chinese market, and the proportion is even higher in offshore wind power, where it accounts for more than 50%. We are a certified supplier of Vestas, Siemens, Gamesa and GE, and have sold our products globally. With respect to large megawatt wind turbines, the vast majority of 5MW wind power units in China use our flanges at the prototype phase. In 2015, we provided several tower flange sets for Vestas’ 8MW turbine, and in 2017 we provided 60 basic spacer flange sets for Siemens’ 7MW turbine used in the British EA One project. We have participated in compiling the "Ring Type Forgings of Wind Turbine Generator System" standards developed by National Energy Administration, and the "Precision Forming Technology and Equipment for Wind Turbine Ring Forgings" is listed in China’s Torch Plan. 

Large Megawatt Wind Turbine Cases

Large Megawatt Wind Turbine Cases

Vestas5/8MW, Siemens 4/6/7MW, Goldwind 6MW, ENVISION 4/4.2MW, Shanghai Electric3.6/6MW, Windey 5MW, Dongfang 5.5MW, XEMC 5MW, Sinovel 5/6MW, United Power 6MW,Ming Yang 5.5/6.5MW 

Land-based Wind Power ProjectCases 

Large-scale Continuous Delivery Project 

In 2016, 160 flange sets were provided for Goldwind 90 m 2.5 MW turbine used atthe Guohua Urad Middle Banner Wulan 400 MW wind power project. 

In 2017, 150 flange sets were provided for ENVISION 2.5 MW turbine used at the Guohua Kangbao 300 MW wind power project. 

Flanges for High and Flexible Towers 

In 2017, 75 flange sets were provided for ENVISION 120 m 2.2 MW full-steelflexible tower, used at the TITAN Wind Heze project. 

In 2017, 40 flange sets were provided for Vestas V110-2 MW turbine with hub heightof 137 m used at the TITAN Wind Heze project. This is the highest flexibletower in China. 

In 2017, 26 flange sets were provided for Vestas V136 turbine used in a Thailand project. With estimated hub height of 157 m, when finished, the tower shall bethe tallest in the Asia-Pacific region. 

Overseas High-standard Large-scale Project 

163 flange sets were provided for United Power 1.5 MW turbine used by China Longyuan Power Group in its project in South Africa. 

Truss Tower / Split Tower / Steel-ConcreteHybrid Tower and other Special Towers

In 2015, 2 truss flanges were provided for GE's first truss tower. 

In 2017, flanges were provided for Goldwind's first 120 m split tower, used in Xiajin Town, Dezhou, 

Over 300 sets of split flanges were provid    ed for Vestas V126-137M/V126-149M split tower 

Over100 flange sets were provided for Gestamp and GRI's steel-concrete hybrid tower 

Offshore Wind Power Project Cases

In 2015 

Vestas Sweden offshore wind power farm: 4 flange sets for Vestas 8 MW wind turbine 

CGNPC Rudong 150 MW offshore wind power farm: All 36 flange sets for Siemens 4 MW wind turbine 

50 MW offshore wind power farm at Zhongminping Gulf in Fujian: All 10 flange sets for XEMC 5 MW wind turbine

In 2016 

China Longyuan Power Group Jiangjiasha 300 MW offshore wind power farm: All 75 flangesets for ENVISION wind turbines 

China Longyuan Power Group Dafeng (H2) 200 MW offshore wind power farm: All 80 flangesets for Goldwind 2.5 MW turbine 

Huaneng Rudong 300 MW offshore wind power farm: 38 flange sets for Siemens 4 MW turbine, 10 flange sets for Haizhuang 5 MW turbine and 12 flange sets for ENVISION 4.2 MW turbine 

In 2017 

Lunneg Dongtai 200 MW offshore wind power farm: 20 sets for Siemens 4 MW turbine 

British SPR EA ONE offshore wind power farm: 60 sets of basic spacer flange for Siemens 7 MW turbine 

SINOHYDRO Tianjin Nangang 90 MW offshore wind power farm: 18 flange sets for Gamesa 5 MWturbine 

China Longyuan Power Group Fujian Province Putian Nanri 400 MW offshore wind power farm: 24 flange sets for Shanghai Electric 4 MW turbine 

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Carbon steel and alloy steel

Size range

Diameter ≤ 16m

Piece Weight Range

Piece weight ≤ 200 tons

Heat Treatment

Normalizing and tempering


Low-temperature impact test, high-temperature tensile test, metallography detection, hardness test, chemical element analysis, non-destructive testing.

Equipment Capacity

6 forging and pressing production lines consisting of 13,500-ton oil press-16 m rolling mills and 2,000 tons oil press-3 m ring rolling, with corresponding heat treatment and machining equipment.

Production Capacity

200,000 tons/year



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