Introduction of wind turbine forgings

Rich Manufacturing Experiences in the Industry

Wind turbine ring forging is an important part of the wind turbine system. We provide products such as tower connecting flanges, the bottom flanges, the transition piece (TP flanges), MP flanges(monopiles), jackets flange, tower doorframes, forgings for yaw and pitch systems; forgings of gear boxes, wind power generator stator rings and rotor rings and offshore platform forgings and other products. We are a certified supplier of Vestas, Siemens Gamesa and GE, and have sold our products globally. With respect to large megawatt wind turbines, we have successively provided customers with multiple sets of 10MW+ tower flanges such as Dongfang Electric 18MW, CSSC18MW, Shanghai Electric 16MW, Goldwind16MW, Mingyang14MW, Envisiongroup 14MW,GE14MW,Siemens Gamesa 14MW and so on. And we also have participated in compiling the "Ring Type Forgings of Wind Turbine Generator System" standards developed by National Energy Administration, and the "Precision Forming Technology and Equipment for Wind Turbine Ring Forgings" is listed in China's Torch Plan. 

Large Megawatt Wind Turbine Cases

10MW+ Wind Turbine Cases 

Dongfang Electric 18MW, CSSC18MW, Shanghai Electric 16MW, Goldwind16MW, Mingyang14MW, Envisiongroup 14MW,GE14MW,Siemens Gamesa 14MW 

Offshore Wind Power Project Cases 

In 2022

Providing a total of 62 sets of TP flanges and 30 sets of MP flanges, totaling 152 flanges, for the Moray West offshore wind project in Scotland. Also, undertaking the supply of pile top flanges and tower flanges for the Huaruncangnan 1 offshore wind project of China Resources.

In 2021

We supplied multiple sets of tower flanges to European and Norwegian distributed floating wind power plants;

We provided more than 70 sets of 11MW tower flanges for Hollandse Kust Zuid;

We provided several sets of flanges to the first tension-leg floating offshore wind power platform.



Carbon steel and alloy steel

Size Range

Diameter ≤ 16m

Piece Weight Range

Piece weight ≤ 200 tons

Heat Treatment

Normalizing、tempering、As per customer requirements


Chemical element analysis, low-temperature impact testing, tensile testing, metallographic examination, hardness testing, and non-destructive testing.

Equipment Capacity

2000 tons/3000 tons/3150 tons/4000 tons/10000 tons/13500 tons press; 3 meters/5 meters/7 meters/8 meters/8 meters/16 meters ring rolling machine; supporting various heat treatment, machining equipment



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