IRAETA History Introduction
Zhangqiu is renowned as "Hometown of Blacksmiths" and has a long history of forging. For the past two thousand years, from the time of the Han Dynasty, it has been Northern China’s iron center. The Zhuicheng sword recorded in The History of Late Han Dynasty was produced by Zhangqiu blacksmiths. Shandong Iraeta Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. however dates back to Sanzhao Comprehensive Factory, in 1975. As early as the 1950s and 1960s, blacksmiths who had learned the craft from former generations set up the "iron forging" team to go on an expedition across the country. Everywhere they went, they were perceived as being honest, modest, persevering, possessing superior skill, and always ready to help others. With promotion of these fine traditions, starting from Sanzhao Comprehensive Factory and after more than 40 years of development, restructuring and expansion, IRAETA has become an important manufacturer of discs, rings, cylinders, blocks, irregular-shaped forgings and grinding steel balls in China and across the world.


In 2006 

The company was officially registered and started to enter the wind power market.

In 2008

Received GAMESA certification, and wind power flanges began to be exported to Europe.

In 2009

Received VESTAS certification.

The company participated in drafting the standards for Ring-Type Forgings of Wind Turbine Generator System of National Energy Administration.

The People's Government of Shandong Province awarded the company the title "Advanced Private Enterprises of Shandong Province".


In 2011

Wind Energy Equipment Division commenced operations;

Received Siemens certification;

Won the title of High-tech Enterprise in Shandong Province.


In 2012

Received GE certification;

Built a modern logistics center covering a total area of 10,000 square meters. 

In 2013

Passed the ISO/IEC17025 laboratory certification (iLac/CNAS National Recognized Testing Laboratory).

In 2014

Passed the certification of ABS, BV, DNV GL, NK, KR, RINA and other classification societies.

In 2015

Established the "Academician Li Yiyi Workstation" with the Institute of Metal

Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences;

The Grinding Media Division was established and put into production.


In 2016

The comprehensive processing centers for precision CNC commenced operations.

In 2017

Obtained civil nuclear safety equipment manufacturing license. 

Provided 60 sets of Siemens 7MW tower transition flanges, and entered the British offshore wind power industry. 

In 2018

Nuclear and Heavy Equipment Business Division was put into production.

In 2019

Supplied three 15.8m diameter austenitic stainless steel forging rings for Generation IV nuclear power;

Provided 10MW wind power flanges for DEC;

Provided wind tower flanges for certain 12MW and 14MW offshore wind turbine;

Company acquired Ireata Spain.

In 2020

Provided core components such as cock parts, pump support parts, compensators, and bottom flange parts for the fourth-generation nuclear power plants;

Provided 10MW wind power flanges for CSIC;

Provided a seamless forging transition section with a diameter of 10 meters for the Lianyungang project of Shenghong Refining & Chemical;

Supplied 185 tons of rotary kiln tyres for ThyssenKrupp;

Provided multiple sets of 10MW wind turbine jacket flanges for Seagreen offshore wind farm.


In 2021 

Provided anvil ring forgings with a diameter of 7.6 meters for the 3,500 kJ super large hydraulic pile hammer;

The construction of a high-end equipment science and technology industrial park for nuclear power deep-sea engineering has begun;

Won a well-known trademark in China;

Won the national single championship in manufacturing (wind power flange).

In 2022

Offshore and Marine Equipment Business Unit and Nuclear and Offshore New Materials Business Unit have been in trial operation;

Haicheng Logistics Company was officially established;

The second set of a total of 2 pieces of global oversized integral seamless forging rings with a diameter of 16 meters in the hot state was successfully launched and set a Guinness World Record;

The 06th 100-ton anvil ring forging made by IRAETA was successfully launched.

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