From "Black" to "Green"

As the forging industry no longer requires thick chimneys, a revolution from "black" to "green" is quietly taking place at IRAETA. 

Most of IRAETA's products are installed on equipment related to clean energy such as wind power, hydroelectric power and nuclear power. Effective operation of these products enables mankind to continuously harness various types of clean energy, thereby reducing emission of greenhouse gases and harmful substances. Even in traditional areas such as fossil fuels, mining and power transmission, technological advances are helping to obtain and utilize these resources in a more efficient and eco-friendly manner. Taking advantage of our rich experience in manufacturing and innovation, we help engineering experts convert all kinds of innovative technologies to reality. At the same time, we also place tremendous emphasis on "green" transformation of our own production processes. By using more eco-friendly energy supplies such as natural gas and electricity, using equipment with lower energy consumption and continuously optimizing processes, our energy consumption and emission per product are getting lower and lower. 

An Enterprise and a Member of Society

As an enterprise, we are not only part of the business environment, but also an integral part of the entire society. We focus on employee development, ensure safety of our working environment, and focus on sustainable development along with community residents. To take good care of our employees' families, we assess working safety seriously, comply with ISO14001 environmental management system and ISO45001 occupational health and safety management system, to ensure safety of the community and the surroundings. We proactively provide employment opportunities to surrounding communities, and we also focus on vocational skills training for young people. We promote women's employment and equality, and provide necessary help for special groups such as poor children and elderly. 


Sustainable Development Strategy

IRAETA WTG forgings– The preferred partner of the world's top 500 wind power enterprises.

  • Go Green

    As an important manufacturer of global clean energy equipment, IRAETA's products are widely used in LNG, wind power, UHV, nuclear power and other fields. In the field of wind power,we are the single champion in China. At CGNPC Rudong 150 MW offshore wind farm, China Longyuan Power Group Jiangjiasha 300 MW offshore wind farm, Huaneng Rudong 300 MW offshore wind farm and British EA One offshore wind farm, IRAETA's products are providing our customers' wind turbines with reliable, firm support and connections. Learn more about us in the clean energy domain.

  • Green Forging

    "Clear water and lush mountains are valuable assets." If clean energy equipment manufacturers cannot control energy consumption and emissions per product adequately, all clean energy acquired will lose its significance. IRAETA works hard to reduce its energy consumption through continuous technological transformation and prioritizes purchase of new energy-saving equipment. The company is mainly powered by clean energies such as LNG and electric energy. Furthermore, we are also actively involved in our customers' consumption reduction efforts. At several mines in Brazil, Australia and Mongolia, mill power consumption per unit output has reduced significantly thanks to usage of grinding balls, which are made of customized steel by IRAETA. 

  • Safety and Health

    Every employee belongs to a family and together they pursue a better life. We examine the workplace safety from the perspective of being responsible for the entire family. This requires us to comply with ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management system and other standards, and to provide our employees with a comfortable working environment. We organize occupational safety and health training for different positions and conduct regular emergency response drills. At the same time, we also cultivate staff relationships through rich cultural life.

  • Promote Female Employment

    IRAETA has always pursued the principle of occupational equality. Althoughtraditionally, men have appeared to be more suitable to work in the forgingindustry due to the heavy work, technological progress has solved this problem.There is no obvious gender trend in IRAETA’s recruitment. Whether it’smarketing, administration, quality and technology positions, or even machiningpositions, we have several Wonder Women demonstrating their capabilities. 

  • Co-building a Harmonious Community

    The essence of industry is to provide humanity with a better and easier life. Thus, our factories consider themselves as an organic part of the community where they are located, and fulfill their responsibility of operating in compliance with ISO 14001 environmental management system and cultivating harmonious relationships with the residents in surrounding areas. As a Chinese enterprise that has grown up in the countryside, IRAETA cherishes this harmonious relationship. Over the years, while striving to make profit, we have also maintained good relations with local governments and responded positively to all government requirements. We give priority to providing residents from surrounding areas with jobs, and purchasing products & services from neighboring enterprises to promote the resident community's overall employment and economic development. 

  • Contributing to Society

    Overthe years, IRAETA and its employees have always had a strong sense of socialresponsibility and an innate spirit of dedication. We often organize staff tocall on homeless elderly and donate money to families in need. On traditionalfestivals, we offer supplies for the homeless elderly living nearby to aid intheir welfare. Our staff has voluntarily established a love fund. Theyregularly visit rural primary students and actively participate in socialactivities such as blood donation. 

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