Introduction to Custom Precision Parts

Customers in machinery manufacturing, aerospace and vehicle engineering fields often require a large number of non-standard, high-precision, complex shaped parts. They have to often coordinate with different manufacturers – forming (forging, 3D printing, etc.), heat treatment, machining factories – to complete the final products. As machining capacities and lead times vary for manufacturer to manufacturer, this work is usually extremely complicated. IRAETA has comprehensive forging and heat treatment capabilities and high-precision CNC machining centers, ensuring you have an easy and smooth purchasing experience, thus, greatly reducing your procurement time and costs. 


Machining Dimensions

LWH≤4000/1400/1000 mm

Product Weight

5-axis linkage weight is 2 tons, and maximum load-bearing is 8 tons.

Machining Accuracy

The maximum machining accuracy is 0.005 mm

Detection capability

CMM measurement



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