Large Quantity of Wind Power Flanges Shipped Successfully from Iraeta


On November 2, 2022, the flanges for the Moray West offshore wind project was successfully shipped from Iraeta. It is understood that the flanges will be used for the Moray West offshore wind project in Scotland, which uses SGRE 14 MW wind turbines, and Iraeta has undertaken all 62 sets of TP flanges and 30 sets of MP flanges for the project, totaling 152 flanges.

The Moray West offshore wind farm is located in Scotland's Marley Bay, approximately 22.5 kilometers from the Caithness coastline, with a planned installed capacity of 882 megawatts. When completed, the wind farm is expected to generate 30 percent of all Scottish electricity, supplying 640,000 UK homes and reducing CO2 emissions by 1.1 million tons. At the same time, energy prices for offshore wind in the UK are currently at record low levels, and the project will create higher value for households and businesses while promoting net zero emissions, with both economic and environmental benefits.

                                                                            Moray West Offshore Wind Farm

Offshore wind turbines have to withstand low temperature, high humidity, high salt spray and typhoon, etc. The bearing stress is complex, and the safe operation of offshore wind turbines faces great challenges, especially for the monopile flange of the submerged foundation section, which has higher requirements. In order to maintain the normal and sustainable operation of the wind turbine, Iraeta organized a special technical quality team. After more than a year of technical communication and exchange with the owner, the technical requirements were overcome one by one, and the quality of the products was finally fully guaranteed. This project was supervised by the customer's representative, the owner's representative and the third party BV.

In addition to the Moray West project delivered here, Iraeta has also delivered 16 sets of conduit rack flanges for the Moray East project back in 2019. Iraeta products can also be found in many European offshore wind farms such as Hornsea, EastAnglia, Seagreen, Borssele in the Netherlands, and Seamade in Belgium.

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