New Breakthrough! The Dia 7.6m Anvil Ring of IRAETA Was Successfully Offline


Recently, a super large anvil ring forging with a weight of 150 tons (185 tons of forging blanks) and a diameter of 7.6 meters was successfully offline from IRAETA, setting the record for the largest size of similar parts in China. It will be used in China's first self-developed 3,500 kJ ultra-large full hydraulic piling hammer. 


For this 7.6-meter-diameter anvil ring, the impact it has to withstand each time is equivalent to the energy produced when a 100-ton hammer is freely fallen from a height of 3.5 meters to the ground.


Schematic diagram of the anvil ring position


With the rapid development of offshore wind power in China, the piling market is in short supply. This time, the anvil ring jointly developed and manufactured by Precision forming national engineering research center, Shandong University School of Materials, KEEN Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd., and IRAETA, which is the first to use the near-net forming and radial-axial rolling process in China, breaking through the previous situation that the size of similar parts in China is restricted by the free forging process, and the diameter cannot exceed 7.5 meters. It has laid a solid foundation for the construction of large-megawatt wind turbines in China in the future, especially wind turbines above 10 MW.

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