LEGO PUZZLE + ATOMIC GLUE - The First Construction Tyre of IRAETA Goes Offline


Recently, the product appraisal meeting of "Construction of forgings with super large size for 10,000-ton rotary kiln" was held in IRAETA. The meeting was organized by the Shandong Machinery Industry Science and Technology Association, composed of Zhao Guoqun, Wang Baozhong, Liu Changyu and other well-known experts in the industry to form an appraisal committee, and relevant leaders of IRAETA and members of the project team participated in the meeting.


On behalf of the company, CEO of IRAETA Cao Xuzhong expressed welcome to the experts. The general manager of the technology research and development center Ren Xiufeng made a detailed project report from the technical requirements, production process, quality inspection and other aspects.


Afterwards, the participating experts and leaders came to the large forgings production workshop, on-site appraisal of oversized construction rotary kiln tyre, and visited various production links.

During the question and discussion session, the experts questioned and discussed the economic benefits and development prospects brought by the inspection and testing basic data, the grading construction process, and the performance improvement. Finally, the appraisal committee agreed that the project filled the international gap in the construction of super-large-sized rotary kiln tyre forgings. The performance of the tyre forgings has reached the international advanced level of similar products.


Mr. Zhao Guoqun, Director of the Appraisal Committee: R&D and manufacturing of large-scale forgings in our country is very difficult. Technologies such as metal construction can even form industry standards gradually.


Mr. Wang Baozhong, Deputy Director of the Appraisal Committee: There is no objection to the metal construction forming technology for the production of blanks in terms of satisfying the strength and homogenization of products.


Mr. Liu Changyu, Deputy Director of the Appraisal Committee: In terms of market application: this technology has obvious advantages over traditional processes, and the prospects for such products are very optimistic.


The 10,000-ton rotary kiln tyre forgings, which attracted many well-known experts in the industry, were made of 28Mn6, with a diameter of nearly 7.4 meters and a weight of 185 tons.


So, what highlights does it attract everyone? It[metal construction forming technology + near net shape rolling and forging instead of casting]. Lets take a look at how these two "unique skills" fit together perfectly.

Metal Construction Forming Technology


This tyre forging also adopts the metal construction forming technology first proposed by the team of academicians Li Yiyi of the Institute of Metals of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. This technology can effectively avoid the adverse effects such as segregation of chemical elements existing in traditional cast steel ingots, and can make the tyre more homogenous, and the mechanical properties of each part remain consistent and excellent. At the same time, compared with traditional steel ingots, the construction of steel billets also has the advantages of "green forging" by reducing material and energy consumption.



Near Net Shape RollingForging Instead Of Casting


So, why use "near net shape rolling and forging instead of casting"? This starts with the function of the rotary kiln tyre. The rotary kiln is the "heart" equipment of the cement plant. Its processing capacity and operating efficiency directly affect the output and safety of the entire cement plant. The tyre is an important component on the rotary kiln. It has a large size and a tonnage weight. It must also withstand long-term continuous wear and tear under the severe working conditions of high temperature, dust, impact, and vibration. Therefore, it has become an important maintenance for cement plants. Once the components fail, the impact on the cement plant is very serious.


Prior to this, most of the heavy-duty rotary equipment at home and abroad used cast forgings,  which were easy to have defects such as loose internal structure, porosity and segregation. However, IRAETA makes use of the powerful radial and axial rolling force of the super ring rolling machine to make the inner structure of the tyre more compact, the grain size smaller, the streamline more complete, and the overall performance of the product more reliable. At present, more and more well-known heavy equipment manufacturers at home and abroad have chosen to use forged tyres forgings.


This time, the two "unique skills" added tyres were made by IRAETA for the German industrial giant ThyssenKrupp. The German expert known for its rigor has communicated with us many times in the early stage, and finally decided to use the "metal structure forming + near net shape rolling to forging instead of casting" program. Because of its stronger product performance and longer life, It can effectively help end customers to reduce the frequency of maintenance and improve economic efficiency.


Previously, the forgings made by this kind of technology have been successfully applied to China's nuclear power support rings, cocks and pressure vessel barrel joints. The off-line of this tyre product also marks the beginning of the super-large forgings that use construction technology to make blanks and formally enter the international market.

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