Super Large Integral Bearing Forgings Rolled Off The Production Line at IRAETA


Recently, the super-large integral bearing forgings with a diameter of 11.5 meters provided by IRAETA have successfully rolled off the production line, and have passed the certification and customers acceptance of CCS. This forging set a new record for the world's super-large integral bearing forgings.

With continuous breakthroughs in manufacturing technology of China, equipment accessories are developing in the direction of large-scale and high-end. Moreover, bearings are mechanical products and are improtant basic parts. Therefore, in addition to dimensional accuracy, factors affecting bearing performance are the materials and processing techniques used in the production process of the body.

In the past, such large-scale bearing forgings mostly used segmented welding, which not only had a long processing cycle and high cost, but also had weak material structure and performance at the weld position. This time, the bearing forgings provided by IRAETA to customers adopt the integral rolling process. On the one hand, it can make its internal structure more dense and streamlined more complete, and it can also make full use of the performance potential of metal materials, thereby effectively improving the service life and mechanical properties of the workpiece; on the other hand, it can greatly shorten the delivery time and effectively assist customers to achieve early production.

Currently, IRAETA continues to deepen cooperation with scientific research institutions, and is committed to promoting the development and application of various advanced technologies and materials. Cao Xuzhong, Executive President of IRAETA, said: The off-line of the bearing forgings fills the domestic gap in this field and increases the space for designers to think about.


IRAETA is a manufacturing concern that specializes mainly in a diversified range of products within the forgings industry. Our main products include discs, rings, hollows and special-shaped forgings; grinding balls, rods and liners, mainly used in fields such as wind power, nuclear power, UHV, petrochemical, offshore engineering, machinery manufacturing, mining and other fields.

IRAETA now has 1 sales company, 5 business divisions, 7 management centers and 1 overseas factory, covering an area of 350,000 m2 and having over 1,400 employees. For nearly half a century, IRAETA has always been steadfastly devoted to the forging industry. From offshore wind turbines on the Atlantic coast to the oil fields deep in the deserts of the Middle East, to mines in the lofty mountains of Peru, our products have made their mark. Adhering to the values of “honesty, humility, perseverance and work”, IRAETA is committed to creating sustainable value for global customers through high-quality products.


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