IRAETA Provides Flanges for The First Tension - Leg Platform (TLP)


Recently, IRAETA successfully completed the manufacture of several sets of special flanges, which will eventually be used in a floating offshore wind power project on the southern coast of France.


The project is 15 kilometers offshore and 100 meters deep. It is the world's first floating wind power project using a Tension - Leg platform (TLP) .


The special working environment of floating wind power puts forward higher requirements on the quality of wind turbine components. For this reason, the project designer and platform manufacturer have previously conducted strict audits on IRAETA to ensure the controllability of the product manufacturing process.


As countries around the world accelerate the implementation of carbon neutral policies and the reduction of offshore wind farm resources, floating wind farms have begun to receive increasing attention. In particular, European traditional marine powers have begun to deploy their own floating wind power projects.


In addition, in April this year, IRAETA has provided multiple sets of tower flanges for another single-column floating wind power platform in the Danish North Sea.


IRAETA is a manufacturing concern that specializes mainly in a diversified range of products within the forgings industry. Our main products include discs, rings, hollows and special-shaped forgings; grinding balls, rods and liners, mainly used in fields such as wind power, nuclear power, UHV, petrochemical, offshore engineering, machinery manufacturing, mining and other fields.

IRAETA now has 1 sales company, 5 business divisions, 7 management centers and 1 overseas factory, covering an area of 350,000 m2 and having over 1,400 employees. For nearly half a century, IRAETA has always been steadfastly devoted to the forging industry. From offshore wind turbines on the Atlantic coast to the oil fields deep in the deserts of the Middle East, to mines in the lofty mountains of Peru, our products have made their mark. Adhering to the values of “honesty, humility, perseverance and work”, IRAETA is committed to creating sustainable value for global customers through high-quality products.


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