IRAETA Oversized Seamless Rings Profile Rolling Was Successfully Completed!


Recently, the five-piece oversized seamless rolled rings adopted the profiling rolling process in the forging and pressing workshop, and the rolling was successful at one time. 

This batch of products adopted the innovative method of combining the two processes of "special-shaped horse bar reaming + profiling rolling ring", which has realized Iraeta's new breakthrough in oversized ring rolling and laid a good foundation for the delivery of subsequent products.

The ring profile rolling process is based on the original radial and axial rolling, and further uses special tooling to make the size data of the blank closer to the finished product size. This technology can greatly reduce the consumption of raw materials and energy, and improve manufacturing efficiency. It can be said that the "green forging" technology has been further improved. More importantly, the workpiece has a more complete metal flow line through the profiling rolling, which makes the product performance more excellent.

Shaped horse bar reaming

Profiling ring

All 5 products are profiled rolling, the maximum diameter exceeds 7.8 meters

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