IRAETA Has Delivered Core Components for the Fourth Generation of Nuclear Power


On April 27, another batch of forgings for the fourth-generation nuclear power sodium-cooled demonstration fast reactor was sent from IRAETA. This is the second time in 2019 that IRAETA has provided important forgings to this project after two diameter 15.6 m integral rolling rings.


The cock components, pump support components, compensators, and bottom flange components manufactured in this batch are "core" grade components. The core components are the most technically demanding and forging parts in fast reactors. Few domestic companies have mastered the relevant technologies. These components will be used in the core position of the reactor. In the future, they will withstand the extreme temperature, complex stress and neutron irradiation of the reactor. Therefore, they have extremely high requirements for the material preparation and internal organization performance of forgings.


In order to achieve the relevant technical indicators, the IRAETA R & D team and relevant experts have paid great patience and efforts, and combined with the previous support ring manufacturing experience to repeatedly optimize the process plan. At the same time, in order to meet the technological requirements, the manufacturing team has repeatedly practiced and adjusted continuously to accurately link the process to every second.


The late manufacturing stage of this batch of products coincided with the epidemic situation. With a strong sense of national mission and a sense of responsibility for nuclear safety, IRAETA made detailed arrangements for the protection and safety of each employee participating in the project. On the other hand, it arranged special personnel prepare various equipment inspections and process inspections in advance. During the entire project manufacturing period, the R & D team and related experts have conducted detailed tracking and recording of all manufacturing processes, at any time to solve the problems that occur in manufacturing, to ensure that the construction of major national projects is not delayed.


The nuclear power industry has extremely demanding high standards for product quality. The increase number of nuclear power products also marks that IRAETA is recognized by more high-end industry customers.


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