Iraeta Donates Masks For International Partners To Support Anti-Epidemic


The current global epidemic situation is grim. In order to support overseas partners to fight against the COVID-19 epidemic, Iraeta urgently prepared protective materials, sent care and greetings to the Spanish branch, and provided material assistance to the autonomous region. On April 8th, 50 boxes of disposable masks with the words "Unity is Power" were sent from the headquarters of Iraeta, and they will soon be donated to the Basque Autonomous Region of Spain, where Iraeta overseas branches are located, to help them overcome the difficulties.


Basque is the seat of Iraetas Spanish factory and the main gathering area of Spanish industry. Since 2003, Iraeta has begun to interact with enterprises in Basque area, and leaders of the two places have visited each other for many times, establishing a foundation of friendship and mutual trust.


In addition, the Trade Department of Iraeta has donated tens of thousands of masks to more than 30 customers, involving nearly 20 countries, including Italy, Germany, France, Canada, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, Poland, Romania, South Korea, Brazil, Denmark, Czech Republic, South Africa, Chile, Kazakhstan, etc., to help them overcome the epidemic and restore prosperity.


Niu Yugang, president of Iraeta, said that China's epidemic prevention and control has stabilized, but the epidemic situation abroad is still grim, and many of our international partners are facing tests. We must assume social responsibility, interconnect economics, and share emotions. The destiny of mankind is a community. At this time, we need to unite together. Unity is strength!


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