Time Delivery! IRAETA : More Than 700t Grinding Media Shipped at the Same Time


With the epidemic situation getting better and better, various domestic enterprises have begun to resume work. While the epidemic prevention and control is not relaxed, IRAETA resumed production as planned. At present, the production capacity has been basically restored, ensuring that existing orders, especially international project orders, are delivered on time. And every effort is made to minimize the impact of COVID-19.

In the afternoon of February 16th, 20 heavy-duty freight trucks loaded with grinding media were sent from IRAETA. Most of these batches of grinding media with a total weight of more than 700 tons will be shipped to a large Fortune 500 customer in a large mine in central Africa.

Grinding Media, as consumables for ball mills, are indispensable consumables in the pulverization process of the mine. Once out of stock, it will affect the work progress of the entire mine, and the loss is incalculable. Moreover, international customers attach great importance to the spirit of the contract, and we must rule out any difficulties in complying with the contract. After the resumption of work, IRAETA Grinding Media Division immediately contacted customers through online communication methods such as video conferences and teleconferences, explaining in detail the scientific prevention and control measures we have adopted in the epidemic environment, eliminating customer concerns about safety, and actively proposing the product emergency plan was also agreed with the customer. Based on the reasonable preparation and production plan in the early stage, safe and orderly production was quickly realized after the resumption of work, and the delivery was finally smooth.


In response, the top 500 customers of the order stated, "We know that China is currently facing the COVID-19. In this case, IRAETA can maintain high-quality and on-time delivery, which not only allows us to see your strength, but also lets everyone realize the amazing emergency response capabilities of Chinese companies in the face of emergencies. I am very honored to cooperate with excellent Chinese companies and hope that the epidemic will end soon. Bless you! "

In addition to grinding media, various business segments of IRAETA have also resumed operations. Foreign wind power projects are almost unaffected, communication is smooth, and shipments are made according to plan; domestic wind power projects are actively stocked, and production capacity is fully restored, even compared with the previous year, and can be shipped immediately after smooth traffic; rolling, wheel belts, transition sections Large-scale forging projects are also underway, and delivery plans are planned for three consecutive weeks in the future. The form of video and conference calls has effectively solved the inconvenience of business communication during epidemic prevention and control. The ring gear, flange and other businesses are willing to reach orders and business expansion is also achieved planned results.

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